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How does a Covert Pinhole Camera work?

A pinhole camera is the simplest camera in the entire range of photographic cameras that are available in the market today. It is a special kind of camera that is capable of capturing pictures in the absence of photographic lens. In fact, this is the most unique characteristic of pinhole cameras. The presence of a hole in the camera acts as the lens for the camera. The simplicity with which this camera works is exciting. This clearly indicates how much the technology has developed over the years.

How does a covert pinhole camera appear?

Before we can proceed to learn about how a pinhole camera works, it is important that one understands how they are constructed. The basic construction has nothing sophisticated in it. It just has a box that has a tiny hole in the frontal portion of the camera. The material that is used has to be light in weight and should never let light in. This is important since it ensures that light just enters the camera through the hole and from nowhere else. In fact, some of them cover it with a black tape to prevent any unwanted light from entering the camera. To take a picture, it is essential that you place the camera to capture the desired image, and then expose the tape for a brief period so that the picture is captured.

The working principle:

The hole in the camera determines the sharpness of the picture. As the diameter of the hole decreases, the clarity of the picture increases. The idea behind it is that the thinner the hole, lesser number of light rays enter the camera and define a clear picture on the picture reel. However, due to refraction of some of the light rays, the overall picture or the image may be a bit blurred irrespective of how accurately the capture was made.

So, what happens when you try to capture a picture? Imagine you want to capture a flower image. The flower emits some light rays that enter the pinhole and reach the photo reel. Almost all the emitted light rays from the flower enter the camera and an inverted image is captured in this pinhole camera. Thus, the same principle applies to any of the images that you are looking to capture in your pinhole camera.

In fact, it may be absolutely wrong if we said that there is no lens in a pinhole camera since the hole itself acts as the camera lens. The basic idea of the camera is to just capture the rays that are emitted by an object and then project the same onto the film thus unveiling a photograph that is fairly sharp and is entirely dependent on the size of the pinhole. You can use these pinhole cameras as cheap alternatives to digital cameras or any other photographic cameras. However, this technology is old compared to the digital camera technology.


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