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Dome Cameras

The Versatile Features of Dome Cameras

There are many different kinds of covert dome cameras. Firstly, there are fixed ones which can provide surveillance in only one angle. The PTZ type would probably be a more practical investment because of the additional recording capacity it has. Additional features these cameras have would include panning, tilting and zooming in and out. All of those would allow homeowners easy management for the surveillance measures they wish their house to have. Although there are cheaper kinds of security cameras, those that have features result to better coverage of an area. It is simply more efficient that it becomes more economical. Some homeowners would resort to buying the simple kinds and realize that it would not be enough for their family’s security. They end up buying more gadgets to cover the entirety of the area. This means spending more for something that a single dome-type camera can manage.

This kind of camera is typically installed in ceiling tiles. It can either be a recessed mount or a pendant mount type. Recessed mount dome cameras are designed in such a way that the entirety of the camera is hidden with the exception of the dome. On the other hand, they pendant type would be hanging from the ceiling with its own mount arm. There are also other kinds of mount arms for the dome-type. For example, if the homeowners wish to attach it on one of the outdoor walls, that would also be possible. Usually, dome cameras would also be equipped with a smoky glass so that people will not have a means to see where it is pointing at. This means that people will not be able to shy away from the security camera just by dodging out of view. At the same time, the clips it would be recording would barely be affected with the smoky effect that people can see from the exterior.

There are ones that are designed for indoors and there are also ones that are designed in such a way that it can withstand certain weather conditions. Weatherproof security dome cameras are designed for outdoor use. There are also ones with night vision camera specification that would be perfect for overseeing the garage, the garden or the backyard. Those cameras that are equipped with the day and night recording feature would record clips in color during the day and record in black and white at night. The outdoors usually does not have enough light sources at night to have decent footage with ordinary cameras without the night recording function. This is an automatic feature and the camera would switch to recording in black in white if the available light is no longer sufficient to record in full color.

The ordinary ones would range from 80 dollars to 300 dollars depending on the resolution and other features it would have. The ones that have the pan, tilt and optical zoom features would understandably more expensive. Those would range from 500 dollars to 800 dollars. Other features to look out include infra red and anti-vandalism for the dome. There are many benefits to using covert dome cameras, the most important being you will know what's going on at your home or office when you're not there.


Covert Video Cameras
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